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Dir en grey Foreign Language Booklet Project
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2007年2月17日 @ 11h02(no subject)
[Narimiya Hiroki] Faraway
Right, guys, I got the project to Harry, and he's supposed to get it to Deg.
I'm sorry I have nothing else to tell you guys, I couldn't give it to them in person - I tried.
2007年2月16日 @ 05h05(no subject)
[Narimiya Hiroki] Faraway
Well, guys! This's it! I'm leaving in 2 hours 8D (and obviously can't sleep at 5 AM after pulling an allnighter the night before, weeeeeeeeee)

2007年2月10日 @ 06h02(no subject)
[Narimiya Hiroki] Faraway
Hey guys, the deadline is tomorrow and I really can't extend it any more.

I still don't have the Hungarian, Spanish, Chinese or German translations D:
2007年2月9日 @ 04h50 - Latin Singles
I finished the singles ^.^
I also went back and fixed the english in my last entry, so Withering to death is officially complete ^.^

Cleaver Sleazoid, Ryojoku no ame, Agitated Screams of MaggotsCollapse )
*dies* let's wait a bit before we do tMoaB, shall we? *runs off to new york*
2007年2月8日 @ 07h40(no subject)
So, since MoaB has been out for a couple of days,
What do you guys think of it? 8D
2007年2月3日 @ 08h52 - Complete Latin!
Eugepae! I finished! (well, Withering to death anyways)
(eugepae- pronounced you-gay-pie (oh what fun we have had): hurray! XD)

I used the official lyrics for all but a few lines, so maybe the translation isn't proper, but it's how they did it, so I think it is fine.
(does anyone else talk weirdly after translating? XD)

Here we go!Collapse )
2007年2月1日 @ 10h04(no subject)
[Narimiya Hiroki] Faraway
Deadline for those who haven't finished yet is extended 'til the 11th.
(And I neeeeed your noootes. Neeeeeeeed. D:)
2007年2月1日 @ 10h01 - [spanish] garbage
Well, I was supposed to be done now, but beautiful dirt is EVIL and is taking me way longer than all of the other songs did. So here is garbage. But the deadline is somewhat extended right? So I can finish maybe, Saturday? Then I can do the singles too probably.
BasuraCollapse )
2007年1月31日 @ 03h46(no subject)
Me >> Hair
Here we go~! Let me know if there's any mistakes as I'm not fluent in the language and such -still remembers the whole bit with kareki- So uhm... yeah. Here ya guys are: the German of Merciless Cult

Erbarmungslos KultCollapse )
2007年1月31日 @ 10h13 - Singles in Norwegian
I used the translations of Tsukiyo for Clever Sleazoid and Agitated Screams of Maggots, and the fanmade one posted in the comments of this community at some point for Ryouku no Ame~

The title for Clever Sleazoid in Norwegian is... ehr weird, sorry >>;; There's also no Norwegian word for "motherfucker", and I felt changing it to something completely different in this context would be strange (feel free to give better suggestions for anything though).

Lyrics withinCollapse )
2007年1月31日 @ 12h01 - [spanish] Kodou
Instead of my homework, I did~ Latido del corazón.Collapse )
~Hooray for late arrival days :D
2007年1月30日 @ 10h03(no subject)
[Narimiya Hiroki] Faraway
I need your guys' names/nicknames/whatever you want to be credited by and notes for the back of WtD. Or if you'd rather use your screennames from here that's fine also :D

(Comments are screened if you don't want other people to know your name 8D)

And if you want anything on the back of your RnA and ASoM booklets, also let me know
2007年1月30日 @ 04h48 - Yay 8D
CLEVER SLEAZOID in Swedish :3Collapse )

Feel free to comment with suggestions and stuff 8D
2007年1月30日 @ 02h52(no subject)
심창민 → hat.
one question - what does ryoujoku no ame mean?
2007年1月29日 @ 04h37 - HALO THAR
I'm translating CLEVER SLEAZOID to Swedish and I wonder if anyone has a translation for the two Japanese sentences in the song:
Koe mo denai kurai ni...
Sonna ima ni hitori to kidzuku

Thank you in advance :3
2007年1月29日 @ 06h14(no subject)
[Narimiya Hiroki] Faraway
I just realized - If you guys want, we could do translations of the new single lyrics, and make liiittle booklets for each of them. I'd just need someone to scan in their covers and we could probably have a week to do them?

Sorry for just realizing it DX
2007年1月29日 @ 05h20(no subject)
[Narimiya Hiroki] Faraway
People have been discussing doing more translations...
So who's up for translating The Marrow of a Bone?

I also did some shoppingCollapse )

2007年1月28日 @ 09h48(no subject)
stoned, kyo
Okay, so i lied. I figured out a way to post this quickly, and in two batches instead -nods- so here's the rest of the lyrics, and there's more written in the end. :3

2007年1月28日 @ 09h15(no subject)
stoned, kyo

So i've finally finished translating the lyrics and correcting them. I will post them in three batches, because my computer slows down with the more i post in LJ. Weird i know. And since it's almost 10pm here, and i have school tomorow, and this takes 1hour to post and correct the fonts and typing, i will have to post the rest tomorow. So here are the songs Merciless Cult through Jesus Christ Rock'n roll.

Okay, I think I might be able to do them all by tomorrow or the day after. Only seven to go! \o/

Itoshisa..., GARBAGE, Jesus Christ R'n R / HungarianCollapse )