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Dir en grey Foreign Language Booklet Project
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2007年1月28日 @ 11h45 - [spanish] the final
one more:
El FinalCollapse )

and I'm spent
2007年1月28日 @ 03h50 - in Hungarian
Gah, I've only discovered this cool project yesterday, and I sincerely hope I can finish the whole album, but I can't promise anything. >.<

Merciless Cult, C, -saku- and kodoku ni shisu, yueni kodoku in Hungarian under the cut.

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I forgot about this for a week, but I will still try to finish! 3 more:
CCollapse )

Mueres en soledad, entonces eres soloCollapse )

Jesús Cristo R’n RCollapse )
2007年1月27日 @ 10h37 - Swedish!
Yay! Here's the rest of the Swedish translations <3 totoki asked for help with translating 'Kodoku ni Shisu, Kodoku ni Yueni', '-saku-', 'Jesus Christ R'nR', 'Itoshisha Wa Fuhai Nitsuki' and 'C' so I did. :D

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2007年1月25日 @ 10h17 - Three more Latins
Well, I thought I'd post some more now. I have parts of a few others done as well. I'll keep working!

I've got a question about how this is going to work, sorry if it's been covered before x.x my memory sucks. What'll the final product looks like and when are they going to recieve them? All together?

Anyways, here they are:
Merciless Cult, Spilled Milk, GarbageCollapse )
2007年1月20日 @ 11h04(no subject)
[Narimiya Hiroki] Faraway
Okay, guys!
We have 10 days 'til the "deadline."
I know Finnish, Norwegian and Arabic are done/highfives/ (You guys are amazing!), Russian just needs one song finished, and Tagalog just needs to be polished from what I've heard.

What's going on with the rest?
I have done Itoshisa, but the part I had some trouble with is the title. It translates roughly into 'The dear one is rotting', but I don't think that comes across well. Does anyone have a suggestion for the title?
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2007年1月13日 @ 12h23 - Merciless Cult in Swedish
I was bored so I decided to translate Merciless Cult to my mother language Swedish :3 Thought I might as well contribute to this place 8D

It's not the best translation ever as I'm very new at this stuff.. but yeah. XD;

I used some English translation I found randomly on some Internet-site.

Skonningslös KultCollapse )
2007年1月12日 @ 01h14 - [spanish] dead tree
ummmm...I got addicted to translating
árbol muertoCollapse )

I did the spacing how it is in my booklet. This is probably the best so far :D
2007年1月12日 @ 01h00 - french/français - dead tree/arbre mort
arbre mortCollapse )

My Japanese final is in exactly 9 hours. :D
2007年1月11日 @ 11h29 - [spanish] -saku-
OMG this one was hard! The end is definately tons better than the beginning is...
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2007年1月11日 @ 10h03 - [spanish] Merciless Cult
Hi everyone! I'm not so good at spanish (in fact, I just did quite horrible on my oral final today) but no one has done any spanish translating yet, so I will give it a try! Please accept my contribution ^__^
Culto sin piedadCollapse )

p.s. I copied it into an online translator, and it came out pretty close lol so I think it is good
2007年1月11日 @ 05h19(no subject)
stoned, kyo
-stabs LJ with a knife- the font wont work with me -__- but here's the song

2007年1月11日 @ 04h51(no subject)
stoned, kyo
I swear if LJ would once co-operate with me everything would turn out fine  -___-

2007年1月10日 @ 05h06 - 3 Latin Transalations
I had some trouble with vocab, because there weren't words for some thing (candy, petals, gunpoint)

Beautiful Dirt, dead tree, The FinalCollapse )
2007年1月9日 @ 04h31 - Norwegian Withering to Death
The translations are mostly based on the official ones, but I used the centigrade-j ones and some personal interpretations to make more sense of some of it. Some of the the lyrics are still a bit odd, but I'm not sure if that's because of my translation or the originals being quite weird to begin with XD;; (Wrist cut show for example sounds unbelievable lame in Norwegian... but then again it doesn't exactly sound good in english either).

If you're able to read it and have any suggestions for changes or improvements, let me know! :)

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2007年1月8日 @ 07h10 - question
cup and pancakes

Hey guys, what does KODOU  mean? -_- *feels stupid*

Culte ImpitoyableCollapse )

-is shot immediately-
2007年1月6日 @ 03h34 - Help!
Hello hello~

I'm wondering if anyone has a link to the original japanese lyrics for WTD? (Written in japanese, not romanji). I left my lyric booklet at home because I'm a retard, and some of these lyrics are just not making sense to me at all, so I want to try throwing the original japanese through some translators to see if it helps ^^;;

(Unless someone has better english translations to songs besides the ones of centigrade-j, that would be even more awesome~)
2007年1月6日 @ 05h18 - question
cup and pancakes
ne guys, I were wondering what does HIGEKI HA MABUTA WO OROSHITA YASASHIKI UTSU  mean? O_o
I'm trying to translate the song but dont know what does the title mean
2007年1月4日 @ 06h08(no subject)
stoned, kyo

Two songs, Their mostly corrected, but before submitting the full batch im going to over check it again, and let 2 other people over check it too. I have more translated, but my computer is slow, so i can only post this must.